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Step 7 of Alcoholics Anonymous

Completing the first 6 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can represent a tipping point for many who are involved in the process. With Step 7, one shifts from taking personal inventory and responsibility for their struggles with alcohol to actively amending their behaviors and the wrongs they have caused others in their pursuit of alcohol. The direct text of Step 7 reads; “Humbly ask Him (God, inspiration, etc.) to remove our shortcomings.” The pivotal part of this Step is oftentimes humility.

Understanding and Learning Humility

Where humility comes into play is in determining how one handles difficult emotions that may arise when interacting with Step 7. Whether one is asking a God or a secular source of inspiration for help, they will need to acknowledge their relative lack of power over their struggle with alcohol. Learning to be humble, however, is no small task. Throughout our lives we are often instilled with the belief that taking pride in oneself and ones work and actions can be positive. However, when one takes actions in order to satiate an alcohol addiction, especially actions that harm others, taking pride in this can be a negative. Understanding one’s position and going forward with humility can be an important aspect of Step 7.


step 7

Ways to Follow Step 7

Practice Mindfulness

One way to work on Step 7 of AA is to engage in mindfulness practices. Whether through prayer or meditation, being present in the moment can be a powerful way to put yourself and your actions in perspective. Seeing things from a different perspective can help you reflect on your own actions as well, enabling introspection and change.

Ask for Help

As state, Step 7 marks a transition in the 12 Step process in which one will start applying their introspective changes to the physical world. As such, many may struggle to practice this step. Seeking help from a sponsor, friend, or licensed professional can be important. Not only is the admission that one needs help an act of humility, but it can also help one recognize how their behaviors and actions are perceived by others.

Finding Help for Alcohol Addiction

Help for alcohol addiction is easy to find, but it is not always easy to ask for. Overcoming an addiction to or a dependency on alcohol can be a long and sometimes frustrating process, but if you’ve made the decision to stop drinking you’ve crossed the most important hurdle in your recovery.

If you’re ready to get help with alcohol addiction, visit the AA website to find a support group near you. There are also many secular programs that may help you achieve or maintain recovery.

However, if you or a loved one need detox support or addiction treatment, you may benefit from attending treatment at a dedicated rehab facility. American Addiction Centers (AAC) operates treatment facilities nationwide, with navigators standing by 24/7 to help you get admitted into treatment. Our addiction helpline may also be able to help connect you with rehabs near you. To speak to an admissions navigator, call .

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