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How Much NFL Fans Drink When Their Teams Lose

With the arrival of the NFL football season comes binge drinking and celebrations. From watching a game in a bar, tailgating, going to the game, or watching it at home, it’s likely that most of-age spectators will be drinking some sort of alcohol. Commercials are filled with alcohol, and many alcohol brands even make NFL team themed cans for fans to represent their team and drink simultaneously.

Drinking in moderation is acceptable, but alcohol use in excess can become a dangerous habit. A weekly schedule of NFL games can create an unhealthy habit of regular, heavy drinking.

We conducted a survey of NFL fans from each team to ascertain the link between their team’s loss, and how whether they will drink more or less depending on their team’s results…

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Which NFL Teams’ Fans Drink the Most When Their Team Loses?


The study found that the majority of fans would drink less if their team lost, however there were a few teams where the fans would drown their sorrows. Fans of the Denver Broncos, Kansas City Chiefs, Detroit Lions, Minnesota Vikings, Tennessee Titans and the Washington Football Team said they were more likely to commiserate their teams loses with alcohol.

The Favorite Drinks of Each NFL Team’s Fans


In addition to finding out where teams’s fans drank more, less or the same, we also asked fans what their favorite drinks are. Unsurprisingly, beer dominates the drink preferences for NFL fans. Overall, local craft beer is the most popular type of drink, as nineteen of thirty-two teams’s fans choose that as their drink preference.

Non-craft domestic beer is also a popular choice with 8 teams choosing it as their favorite drink. Four teams choose cocktails as their favorite, while only one team, the Atlanta Falcons, decided that hard liquor is their preference.

Getting Home Safely

When fans (or anyone) takes part in drinking outside of their home, it’s important that they get home safely, without putting themselves or others in danger. Driving under the influence of alcohol is extremely dangerous. According to our survey, 1 in 4 NFL fans will drive themselves home from a night of drinking. The remainder use either a ride share, a ride from a friend, public transportation, or simply walk/bike. Drunk driving often leads to crashes, so avoid driving after you’ve had drinks, even if you “feel fine.”

Despite all the fun and games that accompany sports and drinking, it’s important to know the risks that are associated with binge drinking. Over 10% of fans day they’ve been influenced by an advertisement during a game to purchase an alcoholic product — football and drinking have a strong link. At, we aim to help those who are battling with alcohol addiction by providing resources to those who need them. It’s all fun and games until things go too far, so make sure you’re celebrating your team’s win safely.

If you or someone you know is battling with alcoholism, learn more about how we can help.


We surveyed 3,719 NFL fans via an online survey. We asked them if they drank more, or less if their team lost on game day. We compiled our data and separated it by NFL team to determine the drinking habits of fans of each of the NFL teams.



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