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Anthem Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Rehab

If you are struggling with alcohol misuse or addiction, you may be able to use your Anthem insurance coverage to help during the treatment process. Depending on the extent of your plan, you may be able to use your Anthem insurance benefits for some or all of an alcohol rehab treatment program. Understanding what benefits Anthem health insurance plans provide and how to use those benefits to cover alcohol addiction rehab can help you start your journey to recovery.
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What is Anthem Insurance?

Anthem health insurance provides coverage for people in several states nationwide.1 It offers value to the customer by ensuring that healthcare is accessible and affordable.

Anthem abides by the mandates of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).2 This states that insurance companies must provide members with coverage for medically necessary mental health services.3 Alcohol use disorder (also known as alcohol addiction and colloquially as alcoholism) is considered a mental health disorder, and as such treatment for AUD may be covered by your Anthem plan.

If you are already receiving Medicare or think you might be eligible for it, Anthem does offer Medicare Advantage or supplemental plans.4 Discuss your options with an admissions navigator at the alcohol rehab facility you plan to go to for more details.

Anthem Blue Cross Health Plans

Anthem Blue Cross provides individual and family health insurance plans in 3 tier levels. 2 These levels allow the member to select the type of deductible, premium, and coverage type they want to have.

The higher tier level will provide more coverage for visits and services. 2 The top tier will cost more in monthly premiums but less in deductibles. 2 The opposite is true for the lower-level tier. 2 Someone who accesses medical services many times throughout the year may opt for the higher tier plan.

The 3 Anthem health plans are:2

  • Bronze Plan: This is the economic plan.
  • Silver Plan: This is the moderately-priced plan.
  • Gold Plan: This is the top tier.

Using Anthem for Alcohol Addiction Treatment

For those who are struggling with alcohol use disorder, Anthem Blue Cross insurance plans are available to assist you on your road to recovery. You can begin the journey by finding out information about your benefits. When you verify your insurance information with a treatment center, the admissions navigator will help you get started with the admissions process.

For example, if you want to participate in an Anthem Blue Cross alcohol treatment program at Laguna Treatment Hospital in California, the first step to take would be to contact the facility to verify your Anthem insurance. Another option would be to reach out to Anthem directly to see if they cover alcohol addiction rehab in California. Phone numbers for Anthem can usually be found on the back of one’s insurance card, or online at the Anthem website.

Does Anthem Blue Cross Cover Mental Health Treatment?

Co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders are common. Whether you have a mental health disorder or a substance use issue, you are more predisposed to developing the other condition. Some mental health disorders that may co-occur with a substance use disorder include:

It’s helpful to seek treatment for both conditions by participating in a dual-diagnosis treatment program. Anthem insurance benefits will provide coverage for both conditions, so you can get the best care for the future.

During a treatment program, a therapist will go over a plan with you, which may include some of the following therapies:

Verify Anthem Insurance Addiction Coverage for Alcoholism

Out-of-Pocket Costs Payment Options

As mentioned above, there are different tiers of Anthem insurance coverage. As a result, Anthem may not provide full coverage for all of the treatments you get. You may have to pay some deductible fees or have partial coverage. The best way to know where you stand is to get in touch with an Anthem rehab facility for insurance verification.

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