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The Effects of Mixing Zolpidem and Alcohol

The effects of mixing zolpidem and alcohol are a result of taking two drugs against prescribed instructions. Zolpidem addicts and alcoholics aren’t the only people who mix the two drugs. Many people do so, thinking that the effects of mixing zolpidem (also know as Ambien) and alcohol are don’t exist or are too minimal to matter. On the contrary, the effects of mixing the prescription drug and alcohol can be quite severe if they aren’t taken seriously. However, before you can understand the effects of mixing the substances, you must learn a thing or two about the way these drugs interact.

How Zolpidem and Alcohol Work

Zolpidem is a sedative and a hypnotic substance that is used to treat insomnia and difficulty sleeping. It goes to work immediately after ingestion, relaxing the muscles and nerves in the body to induce sleep. The small pill can be taken without water and is extremely powerful for new users. Alcohol is a depressant that also affects the muscles and nervous system. It slows motor function and reaction times. You could say that alcohol also acts like a muscle relaxer, just like that zolpidem.

Risks of Mixing Zolpidem and Alcohol

Both alcohol and zolpidem are substances that slow the systems within the body. Zolpidem does so immediately and alcohol has a prolonged effect. Together, they provide enhanced sleep and relaxation effects. They go further to sedate the user for an extended period of time. The drugs extend to other systems, including the respiratory system, slowing it down as well. The zolpidem and alcohol enhance the effects of one another, so that the Ambien tablets work faster so that the alcohol impairment is more profound. However, the alcohol also causes a psychiatric issues that can be alarming for many Ambien users.

Psychological and Physical Effects of Mixing Ambien and Alcohol

The psychiatric effects of zolpidem and alcohol are the most prominent. There are so many reports of people taking Ambien and falling to sleep, only to rise and perform dangerous activities like driving while still asleep. This effect occurs when the user drank alcohol and took the zolpidem pill. Hallucinations are another psychological effect of mixing Ambien and alcohol. Users become violent, acting out in odd ways and performing tasks without be aware of what they are doing. They also don’t retain a memory of the incidents. The result is often embarrassing behaviors and even accidents involving motor vehicles. The risks of these behaviors increases with the amount of alcohol and zolpidem taken.

Physically, the zolpidem and alcohol combination can cause the respiratory system to slow to a level that may require medical attention. The loss of motor control and awareness during the psychological episodes can lead to bodily injury if the user is left unattended. Again, the risk of having a psychological episode while taking Ambien increases with the amount of the substances ingested.

The Effects of Prolonged Use

Because the zolpidem amplifies the effects of alcohol, many users quickly find themselves addicted. Zolpidem and alcohol addiction increase the risks of hallucinogenic episodes and also sleepwalking activity. It also increases the risk of blackouts. The user finds himself in need of more and more zoplidem to get to sleep or to achieve the relaxing effects, placing the addict at higher risk of experiencing the psychological effects of the drugs. Prolonged used also increases the hold of the addiction.

Finding Treatment

Fortunately, there is help for people addicted to zolpidem and alcohol. You can find help and support by calling us. You can also fill out the quick contact form to request more information. Doing so will connect you to free helplines, 24-hour hotlines, referral services and supportive ears that value your privacy. The secure system is also a place for families to find help as well. Finding treatment for addiction to zolpidem and alcohol is the first step in overcoming the effects of mixing zolpidem and alcohol. It is also the first step in taking your life back.

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