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What Are 28-Day Alcohol Rehab Programs?

A 28-day alcohol rehab program is a rehab and therapy program to only last 28 days. While short-term alcohol treatment may not always be the most advantageous method of treating advanced long-term alcoholism, it is often sufficient for treatment of patients whose level of alcohol abuse is not as severe.

Who Are 28-Day Alcohol Rehab Programs for? 

People struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) who need to return to family, work, or other pressing personal responsibilities are able to undergo only short-term alcohol rehab in a residential facility. For patients like these, many of whom are among the most motivated as far as rehabilitation is concerned, a 28-day stay at a residential treatment center followed by outpatient alcohol rehab is the best possible option for successful rehabilitation.

Even in cases where short-term alcohol treatment is far from ideal, it will succeed if the patient indeed has the will and the support that he or she needs to recover. Starting the rehabilitation process with a 28-day inpatient rehab program and following up with intensive outpatient care and in support groups can be just as effective as longer-term residential therapy.

Will Insurance Cover a 28-Day Alcohol Rehab Program?

Many health insurance companies will only reimburse their policy holders for 28 days of inpatient alcohol rehabilitation treatment, with the limit imposed either on an annual basis or for the life of the policy. Therefore, many alcoholics can only obtain coverage for 28-day alcohol rehab programs.

How A 28-Day Alcoholism Rehabilitation Plan Works

28-day alcohol rehab programs that are carried out in residential treatment centers often begin with detoxification. Detoxification, which is medical treatment designed to reduce the impact of withdrawal of alcohol on the body, can last for up to seven days. This leaves only 21 days for assessment and intensive counseling. Therefore, the counseling provided in a well-managed short-term alcohol treatment program is aimed at getting patients to recognize the particular reasons for their alcoholic conditions, and to work out strategies for dealing with issues that could lead to resumption of alcohol abuse. Patients may receive initial behavior modification or cognitive therapy, so that once they complete the residential short-term alcohol rehab program, they will be able to continue  receiving a similar type of therapy from outpatient alcohol counselors.

If you or a loved one would like to learn more about how 28-day alcohol rehab programs can be a great start on the road to recovery, please call our 24-hour helpline. We provide free and unbiased information and recommendations for short-term alcohol treatment programs throughout the United States.

Other 28-Day Alcohol Treatment Options

The goal of residential short-term alcohol treatment is to help patients plan a road to recovery that they can travel on their own while they rebuild their family, career and personal lives. 28-day alcohol rehab programs are often offered in luxurious facilities that would be prohibitively expensive for longer stays. Such facilities offer not only the most advanced methods of short-term alcohol treatment, but also sports and exercise training, art and music therapy, meditation and relaxation sessions, and other activities that help recovering alcoholics find constructive ways of dealing with stress. Especially because the duration of treatment is similar to the duration of a long vacation, patients feel as if they are in a resort rather than a hospital, and they are therefore relaxed rather than tense. Luxurious private rehabilitation clinics usually attract the top short-term alcohol rehab specialists, and the combination of top-quality treatment with a relaxing atmosphere leaves patients refreshed and ready to battle against any temptations to return to alcohol that may confront them after they successfully complete their 28-day alcohol rehab programs.

The key to successful treatment through a 28-day alcohol rehab program is viewing it as preparation and training for a long-term, but less intensive, course of treatment. The goal of residential short-term alcohol treatment is to help patients plan a road to recovery that they can travel on their own while they rebuild their family, career and personal lives.

Please call our 24-hour alcohol treatment helpline or text us to find out how to begin the road to recovery from alcoholism with the right 28-day alcohol rehab program.

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