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60-Day Rehab Programs for Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction is a disease related to excessive and compulsive drinking.1 intro People from all walks of life struggle with controlling alcohol use. Sometimes it can be hard to recognize the problem since alcohol use is typical in our society. But if you start to feel like you can’t control how much you drink or feel negative emotions when you’re not drinking, it may be time to seek help.

Many options for alcohol addiction treatment are available to help you start the road to recovery. Inpatient rehab is often an excellent choice to separate from your everyday environment so that you can focus on healing. Most addiction treatment programs typically last 30, 60, or 90 days. 2 p. 33-35 This article will focus on the 60-day treatment program, what such programs entail, and how they can help you begin your journey to recovery.

What is a 60-Day Addiction Rehab Program?

A 60-day addiction treatment program is a specialized, comprehensive treatment plan in an inpatient or residential facility. Oftentimes treatment plans are individualized, and as such there is no one-size-fits-all approached for alcohol addiction treatment. Different factors, like the severity of your addiction and where you are in your recovery journey, can influence the services you might need.

While treatment may vary, many addiction rehab programs often begin with medical detox. It can be dangerous to detox from alcohol alone, particularly if you’ve been drinking excessively for a long time.2 p. 32 When you detox in a facility, medical professionals provide 24/7 care and medications to help you safely withdraw from alcohol.

After detox, an addiction specialist will decide the best next steps for your recovery based on your specific needs. You’ll likely be transferred to an inpatient or outpatient treatment program to continue recovery. Certain programs may follow this up with aftercare or other relapse prevention programs.

Why You Might Need Formal Alcohol Treatment

Alcoholics feel a strong urge to drink. This urge is often so strong that they lose control over their drinking habits and find that they cannot stop after they have begun. This urge is compounded by the increased tolerance to alcohol they experience after continued drinking over a long period of time. Unpleasant withdrawal symptoms like nausea, shaking, and sweating that result from lack of alcohol can also affect an alcoholic’s ability to stop drinking for good. Alcoholism is a debilitating disease that can take over your life if you don’t take the necessary steps to put an end to your dependence.

Once alcoholics realize that alcohol is preventing them from functioning normally, they will find numerous options for help at their disposal. Some people are fortunate enough to overcome their addiction and dependence without outside help, but this is rare. If you have tried to quit or gain control of your drinking habits but find yourself frequently relapsing, then it is time to seek outside assistance. The most comprehensive way to treat alcoholism is to enroll in an alcohol rehab program. These programs offer residency in a controlled environment filled with knowledgeable, trained individuals who are dedicated to helping alcoholics overcome their dependence.

Why Choose a 60-Day Alcohol Rehab?

Attending a 60-day rehab program can be an excellent choice to spend adequate time focusing on recovery. Research shows that longer treatment times often lead to better outcomes.2 p. 5 #5 This is due to a variety of reasons, such as longer treatment times allowing for more comprehensive programs, and giving the patient more time to acclimate to the treatment setting.

In a 60-day addiction treatment program, you’ll have more time to adjust to treatment. You might feel out of your element when you first arrive at treatment. A 60-day treatment center lets you take things slow as you get comfortable in your new surroundings and begin to open up. You’ll learn new skills to prevent relapse and how to handle everyday stressors without alcohol while connecting with others who are on similar paths.

What Happens in a 60-Day Alcohol Rehab Program?

A typical day in a 60-day rehab can vary drastically depending on the person. Everyone is different, and no one treatment will work for all.2 p. 5 #2 Addiction treatment generally works best by taking an individualized approach.2 p. 5 #2 Still, key goals for most people in treatment are often to build interpersonal and coping skills, prevent relapse, and promote a healthier, happier life. But the road to getting there can vary for everyone.

That said, several therapeutic approaches that could be a part of your treatment.2 p. 6 #6 For example, family therapy might be a vital part of your treatment if family issues are an underlying cause of your alcohol addiction. A treatment plan for someone with severe alcohol addiction might include a combination of medical care, medications, and different behavioral therapies. Some common therapy types include:

Treatment could also look different for you if you have a co-occurring disorder. Nearly half of the 21 million people fighting addiction also struggle with mental health disorders like anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, and PTSD.3 intro In a 60-day alcohol rehab, you’d receive mental health and alcohol addiction care at the same time to effectively treat your co-occurring disorder.3 what should I do?

The type of treatment for co-occurring disorders can also depend on the kind of mental illness. Someone struggling with severe bipolar disorder might need medications included in their treatment. But a person with mild anxiety and addiction may benefit from recognizing the patterns in their behaviors and how to change them with CBT.

Choosing a 60-Day Addiction Rehab

There are many things to consider when choosing a 60-day alcohol treatment program. Understanding your medical needs and treatment goals are important when making an informed decision about where to attend treatment.

Once you’ve decided to seek treatment in addiction rehab, reaching out to your primary care physician (PCP) can be a great place to start. If you’ve been struggling with alcohol addiction for a long time, you might need medical treatment, along with addiction care. Your PCP can determine your medical needs and connect you with the tools and resources to find a suitable rehab program.

Every inpatient facility may not offer a 60-day rehab option. Contacting facilities you’re interested in attending and asking about their length of stay options can help you narrow your choices for addiction rehab programs.

If you have questions about 60-day rehab programs near you, addiction helplines are an excellent resource. Maybe you’re trying to find an affordable 60-day rehab program or want to know what’s covered under your insurance. When you call the American Addiction Centers (AAC) helpline, one of our admissions navigators can answer all your questions about the rehab process. They can also assist you with anything from verifying your insurance benefits to giving you a step-by-step explanation of the rehab process.

If you or someone you care about is ready to seek help for alcohol addiction, AAC is here to guide you along the way. Contact us to learn more about 60-day alcohol addiction rehabs and ways to pay for treatment.

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