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Difference of Holistic Alcohol Rehab Centers

While 12-step programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, are the most familiar treatment option for alcoholism, they aren’t the only option. Many alcoholics are turning to holistic alcohol rehab as an alternative to traditional programs because they feel more comfortable with this alternative approach. Holistic alcohol rehab addresses alcoholism from a whole-person perspective. Instead of a one-size-fits-all approach, holistic treatment looks at the particular needs and personality of the individual. This type of treatment program may involve a mixture of traditional methods and alternative techniques in order to fully address the mental, spiritual, physical, and psychological impact of the addiction.

How Holistic Alcohol Treatment Works

Holistic alcohol treatment begins with an assessment of the problem, since a holistic treatment program must be specifically crafted for the individual. After an initial interview, the patient will work with medical professionals to design a tailored treatment program. This program may involve many different techniques and types of therapy, and it can be altered over time if some techniques are found to work better than others for a given individual. Most programs involve a combination of therapy and alternative techniques or traditional medicine. Traditional methods such as 12-step programs, individual counseling, and group counseling sessions may be part of the program, but treatment usually involves more than just a single method. Treatment can be performed in an inpatient or outpatient setting, depending on the preferences of the person, the intensity of the program, and the degree of addiction. In addition to treatment for alcoholism, treatment for other disorders, such as depression, may also be necessary in order to allow the patient the best chance for a full recovery.

Holistic Alcohol Rehab Techniques

The specific techniques used in a holistic alcohol rehab program depend on the individual program. During the detoxification stage, during which the patient experiences withdrawal symptoms after halting alcohol use, the patient may be treated using >medication, traditional remedies, or alternative therapies. The long-term process of recovery involves a combination of methods. One technique that a holistic treatment center may use is hypnotherapy, in which a trained hypnotherapist tries to alter the mind patterns that precipitate drinking. Meditation is another holistic technique used in alcohol rehab. Meditation teaches the alcoholic to center his or her mind so that resisting alcohol is easier. Cognitive behavioral therapy, in which the patient is taught how to alter behavior and learns concrete techniques for alcohol avoidance, is another technique used in holistic treatment. A holistic program also typically includes dietary interventions, including teaching the recovering alcoholic how to prepare nutritious meals and what to eat to stay healthy while in recovery. In some cases, this may also include addressing vitamin or mineral deficiencies through supplementation. Other techniques that might be used in holistic alcohol rehab include art therapy, yoga, spiritual practices, massage therapy, acupuncture, homeopathy, acupressure, and herbal remedies that reduce cravings. If you don’t feel comfortable with a particular method or technique, you can talk to your treatment provider about altering your treatment plan to make it better suit your needs.

The Effectiveness of Holistic Treatment for Alcoholism

Because holistic treatment for alcoholism involves multiple approaches, it can be more successful than single-pronged efforts at halting addiction. Some populations may also be more drawn to holistic treatment than traditional alcohol abuse and dependence treatment. Because holistic treatment can take many different forms, it is quite adaptable. If one aspect of treatment is not working, it can be eliminated from the treatment program and other techniques can be introduced.  If you are interested in finding out more about this approach to treatment or getting a free referral to a holistic alcohol rehab program, call us to learn more.


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