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Natural Home Remedies for Addiction to Alcohol

Alcoholism is defined as a physical and psychological dependence on alcoholic substances. People who are alcoholics typically feel a compulsion to consume alcoholic beverages and have difficulty limiting how much they drink. Although alcoholism is best treated in a hospital or substance abuse treatment facility, natural alcohol rehab is possible.

Natural alcohol rehab generally takes place in the home and focuses on using natural substances and mind-body therapies to overcome alcohol addiction. However, alcohol is a drug and complications can arise during the detoxification process. It is important to discuss any natural alcoholism treatment with a qualified medical profession prior to undergoing it. For confidential help with finding qualified professionals in your area who can assist you or your loved one with an alcohol addiction, call us.

Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Natural alcohol rehab begins with acknowledging you, or your loved one, has a problem with alcohol. Here are the signs of alcohol addiction:

  • The inability to stop or control alcohol consumption
  • An increased tolerance for alcohol; more alcohol must be consumed to obtain the same effect
  • Withdrawal symptoms – such as nausea, shaking, and sweating – occur when alcohol consumption ceases
  • Other activities are abandoned in favor of drinking
  • Blackouts are experienced after drinking
  • Drinking occurs or continues in risky situations (e.g. driving a vehicle)
  • Legal problems develop related to alcohol consumption (e.g. arrested for drunk driving)

In addition to having a negative effect on personal relationships, excessive alcohol consumption can harm your health. Cirrhosis of the liver, pancreatitis, heart disease, sexual dysfunction, and malnutrition are a few of the health complications that can develop from an untreated alcohol addiction. Help with overcoming the addiction and reclaiming your life is just a phone call away. Call us to begin the healing process.

Natural Alcoholism Treatment Programs

The goal of rehabilitation is to get to a sober state and learn coping skills to avoid a relapse. Here are a few natural alcohol rehab options that may be used in natural alcoholism treatment.

  • Acupuncture – This is a form of alternative medicine that encompasses inserting thin needles into various points of the body that are thought to be associated with various maladies. It is believed that acupuncture can assist with raw alcohol detox by easing the symptoms of withdrawal, reducing cravings, and alleviating the depression and anxiety associated with alcoholism. Although some patients have experienced good results from this treatment, the efficacy of acupuncture is still under debate.
  • Dietary Supplements – There are a few dietary supplements that may reduce withdrawal symptoms, help manage cravings for alcohol, and repair some of the bodily damage caused by over-consumption of alcohol. A study on laboratory mice and humans found that kudzu reduced alcohol intake in the subjects. Vitamin C can improve liver function and help the body breakdown excess fat buildup in the liver. A qualified medical professional can provide more information on additional supplements that may be beneficial in the treatment of alcoholism.
  • Therapy – Preventing a relapse into addiction is an important part of the recovery process. Participating in regular therapy sessions can provide the alcoholic with the tools they need to deal with temptation, manage environmental stressors that may lead to relapse, and learn coping skills that will help them successfully navigate their newfound sobriety. Call our free national referral service to find individual and group therapy for alcoholism in your area.

While alcoholism is a debilitating disease, it is possible to overcome alcohol addiction with the right support. Natural alcohol rehab is a viable alternative for those who prefer not go into a treatment center. To obtain the best results, work with a professional who has experience with treating patients struggling with alcoholism.


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