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Spiritual Rehab for Alcoholism

Spiritual alcohol rehab focuses on the assistance of a higher power in rehabilitating a person suffering from a history of alcohol abuse or addiction. This form of rehabilitation teaches a person to rely on a higher power, most commonly the deity of a specific faith, along with their personal will in the hopes of attaining greater independence from alcohol use and abuse.

Religious alcohol treatment centers often revolve around regular meetings at a religious center or holy place and may include long hours of prayer, supplication or spiritual reflection. Each treatment center has its own requirements for visitors or attendees. Read on to learn more about what is involved at spiritual rehab centers and programs and how they can be beneficial.

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Types of Spiritual Rehab

Groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous often include spirituality as part of the recovery process. Reliance on a higher power beyond the will of the individual is a very common step in many rehabilitation procedures, and spiritual alcohol rehab groups rely heavily on this concept.

National organizations are available in most major cities, and smaller groups often form around local churches and support centers in cities without major national rehab groups. Our helpline is familiar with the sensitivity of religious and spiritual guidance and can assist you with finding a nearby group that best fits the needs of your loved one.

Benefits of Religious Rehab Centers

The benefits found in religious or spiritual alcohol rehabilitation programs often mirror those of other group therapy sessions.

Like-minded individuals gather to share their beliefs and convictions as well as personal experiences overcoming alcoholism and abuse. This sense of community and shared belief in a higher power reinforces the will of all attendees, allowing them to support one another in the challenges experienced during the recovery process. Call our 24-hour support line for more information on the benefits of spiritual alcoholism treatment.

Barriers to Spiritual Rehab

Finding a group that shares spiritual beliefs poses a major challenge for many seeking religious alcohol rehabilitation assistance. Religion and spirituality are very personal concepts, and many people shy away from views that do not easily mesh well with their beliefs.

Disparities between groups may prevent new members from fully integrating and participating in the recovery process, making it very important to find a rehab group that shares the same general beliefs.

A referral from companies specializing in understanding rehabilitation groups and centers can go a long way towards alleviating this major barrier, and you can easily get assistance locating a group specialized to the needs of your loved one through our contact form.

What Happens During Spiritual Rehab?

Spiritual rehabilitation programs for alcoholism tend to focus on the specific beliefs of a faith or religion. These programs often include long hours of prayer, spiritual reflection or meditation in an attempt to petition a higher power for assistance in the struggle against temptation.

The reading of holy texts, accounts of the experiences of others, and similar materials may figure heavily in the treatment process. Along with these considerations, group therapy sessions involving members of the group that have succeeded in their goals and those at different stages of the recovery process may assist with a sense of community.

These programs may be headed by a religious leader or layperson, or they may rest entirely in the hands of successful program participants. Some groups founded by major organizations regularly turn operational control of the group and its resources to those who have successfully completed the program and best understand the needs of new members.

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