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Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Colorado

Where Can I Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Colorado?

Struggling with alcoholism alone is dangerous and seeking help for yourself or a friend who is struggling is a very important step. Thankfully, there are many facilities in Colorado that can help. There are 381 substance abuse treatment centers in the state, and 284 of them help clients who are struggling with alcoholism exclusively.1

denver coloradoAmong those are 344 outpatient facilities, 53 residential facilities, and 10 hospital inpatient facilities.1

Within the American Addiction Centers (AAC) network, the closes facility is the Greenhouse Treatment Center located in Grand Prairie, Texas. Built inside a former Neiman Marcus Spa, the facility has indoor and outdoor pools, a fitness center, meals curated by a chef, and a robust wellness program.

A dedicated team of providers at the facility helps treat addiction as well as the disorders that often co-occur with it and make it worse. The facility has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF), making them a trusted leader in the industry.

For a list of programs in Colorado, you can check with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for a list of rehabilitation facilities, which you can find here.

Where Can I Find Medical Detox Centers in Colorado?

In Colorado, there are 166 non-profits, 192 for-profits, and 23 local, state, federal, and tribal government facilities.1 Depending on how intense your physical dependence on alcohol is, your body’s reaction to withdrawing from alcohol can range from mild to life-threatening. Some of the symptoms of withdrawal are irritability, anxiety, agitation, high blood pressure, raised heart rate, seizures, and delirium tremens, and withdrawals can kill people.2

Enduring withdrawals on your own is risky for this reason. In a medical detox center, that is, a hospital inpatient facility, supervision is available to treat the symptoms of withdrawal in order to make the process more comfortable and safe. Medical detox is the process of letting your body eliminate alcohol while being medically treated for the effects of withdrawal.3 At all hours, physicians are on-site to provide care and manage health.3

You can find detox facilities throughout Colorado by searching the SAMHSA directory here.

Does My Insurance Cover Treatment in Colorado?

While many insurance plans do cover addiction treatments, not all of them do. You will need to see if your provider covers it and if they do so out of state. Some popular providers include:

Why Choose American Addiction Centers?

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is a nationwide network of substance abuse facilities that includes a 90-day promise, quality care, and an alumni support system. The 90-day promise is in place to hold facilities accountable by offering an extra 30 days of treatment to any patient who relapses within 90 days of completing treatment.

The alumni support system continues to offer support by regularly checking in on previous patients to see how they are doing and if their recovery continues to be successful. The support system also offers fun gatherings and events.

State-Funded Insurance (i.e. Medicaid)

In the U.S. there are roughly 72 million people who are on Medicaid, a federal government healthcare coverage program.4 People who are eligible for Medicaid include adults who have low income and need assistance as well as their children, people who certain types of disabilities, and the elderly. Despite Medicaid being government funded, each state administers a separate Medicaid program.4

Even if your circumstances haven’t substantially changed and you were turned down for Medicaid in the past, you may be eligible in Colorado now. The Affordable Care Act changed the rules of admission when it was passed to allow more people into the program with less strict income and asset requirements. While not all substance abuse facilities accept it, 216 of the facilities in Colorado, or 56.7 percent, do accept Medicaid.1

Check your eligibility here.

Colorado Alcohol Use Statistics

  • There were 177 people killed in drunk driving accidents in 2017 in Colorado, making up 27 percent of motor vehicle fatalities.5
  • Each month in Colorado, roughly 1,253 people binge drink.6
  • Each year in Colorado there are about 293 cases of Alcohol Use Disorder.6
  • Roughly 398 people in Colorado need treatment for alcohol abuse each year but do not receive it.6

Find Alcohol Treatment in a Different State

If you would like to find an alcohol treatment facility outside of Colorado, there are many different options in states throughout the nation.