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Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Maryland

Where Can I Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Maryland?

Alcoholism is a very difficult struggle to face alone, and seeking help from others is one of the most important steps you can take. In Maryland, there are 387 substance abuse treatment facilities that can help people who are struggling with addiction, and 249 of them help patients who are struggling exclusively with alcohol.1

baltimore marylandSince people struggle with different levels of addiction, facilities offer varying degrees of intensity with their treatment options. There are 339 outpatient, 68 residential, and 10 hospital inpatient facilities in Maryland.1

Within the American Addiction Centers (AAC) network, Sunrise House Treatment Center is the nearest facility, located in the beautiful countryside of Lafayette, New Jersey. The facility uses an individualized approach for rehab that treats co-occurring disorders alongside addiction. A custom treatment plan is created after conducting a thorough psychological and medical assessment so that patients get a highly personal experience.

The Sunrise House facility offers varying levels of care ranging from medical detox and residential treatment to outpatient and aftercare programs. Patients keep in touch with family at weekly family luncheons and weekly half-day family programming every weekend.

You can look for other programs in Maryland using the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) list for rehabilitation facilities, which you can find here.

Where Can I Find Medical Detox Centers in Maryland?

We mentioned above that there are 10 hospital inpatient facilities in Maryland. Hospital inpatient facilities offer medical detox to people who are struggling with alcohol withdrawals. Depending on your level of physical dependence, alcohol withdrawals can range from mild to life-threatening. Symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can include irritability, anxiety, agitation, high blood pressure, raised heart rate, seizures, and delirium tremens, and they can be fatal.2

Facing withdrawals alone can be dangerous to your health in addition to making it very difficult to stop drinking. In a medical detox facility physicians monitor your health while treating the symptoms and complications of withdrawals for your safety and comfort. Physicians are available at all hours in a detox facility.3

You can find detox facilities throughout Maryland by searching the SAMHSA directory here.

Does My Insurance Cover Treatment in Maryland?

While not all insurance companies cover addiction treatment, there are many that do. You will need to check with your provider and plan to see if you are covered and if that coverage extends out of state. Some popular providers include:

Why Choose American Addiction Centers?

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is a nationwide network of substance abuse treatment centers that all share a 90-day promise, quality care, and an alumni support system. The 90-day promise holds facilities accountable to their patients by offering an extra 30 days of treatment to any patient who ends up relapsing within 90 days of completing treatment.

The AAC alumni support system continues to offer additional support by hosting fun gatherings and events in addition to regular check-ins with previous patients to support them in their recovery.

State-Funded Insurance (i.e. Medicaid)

72 million Americans use Medicaid, a federal government healthcare coverage program.4 The program serves low income adults who struggle to pay for healthcare in addition to their children. People with certain types of disabilities and the elderly may also be covered. While Medicaid is in part federally funded, each state administers it separately.4

If you were turned down for Medicaid in the past you may be eligible now even if your circumstances have not changed very much. When the Affordable Care Act was passed, it updated the rules of admission so that more people would be included based on income and asset requirements. While not all facilities accept Medicaid, 75.5 percent of the facilities in Maryland, 292 in total, do accept the program.1

Check your eligibility here.

Illinois Alcohol Use Statistics

  • In Maryland, in 2017, there were 186 people killed in drunk driving accidents, totaling 34 percent of the motor vehicle deaths in the state.5
  • Every month in Maryland there are about 1,199 episodes of binge drinking.6
  • Each year in Maryland there are 271 cases of Alcohol Use Disorder.6
  • Roughly 266 people each year in Maryland are in need of treatment from a substance abuse facility but do not receive it.6

Finding Alcohol Treatment in a Different State

If you’re wanting to find alcohol addiction treatment outside of Maryland, there are numerous options in states throughout the nation.

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