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Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Mississippi

If you’re looking for alcohol addiction treatment in Mississippi, here are some of the more frequently asked questions about rehab within the state:

Where Can I Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Mississippi?

As of 2017, Mississippi has 89 substance abuse treatment facilities that treat substance abuse of any kind, and 66 that treat alcoholism only.1 Of those, 64 are outpatient facilities, 26 are residential (non-hospital), and 13 are inpatient treatment centers.1* These facilities are spread across the state to provide you with easy access and are mostly private non-profit organizations, with central and southern Mississippi having the highest density of centers.

A part of the American Addiction Centers portfolio of facilities, Oxford Treatment Center is located in a tranquil setting in the rolling hills of North Mississippi. Oxford’s residential program provides a safe and caring environment in which patients will receive individualized treatment plans and meet with therapists and medical doctors several times a week. Plus, medical staff is on call 24/7 to help you stay comfortable and keep you safe.

Oxford offers a unique blend of treatment approaches such as equine therapy as well as holistic and alternative therapies to supplement your treatment plan. The facility also boasts a number of amenities including an on-site ropes course, labyrinth, golf, gym, frisbee golf, and sand volleyball court.

Oxford provides all levels of care from medical detox to intensive outpatient treatment with a staff of more than 70 addiction professionals, registered nurses, licensed marriage and family therapists, and a recreational therapist.

Oxford remains open and committed to serving the millions of individuals struggling with addiction, while enforcing safety and prevention as a top priority in regard to COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus). Amidst the global health crisis, Oxford is strictly following the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Health Organization’s recommendations and taking as many proactive actions as possible to protect our current and future patients and staff.

Call our hotline any time at  to have your questions about addiction treatment answered. We understand that those struggling with substance use disorders are at high risk of both COVID-19 and the dangerous effects of substance use. More than ever, we are equipped and proud to serve our patients.

To find other programs in the state, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) offers a full list of Mississippi rehabilitation facilities, which can be found here.

Where Can I Find Medical Detox Centers?

Overall, Mississippi has 22 total medical detox centers within the state; 12 are hospital inpatient programs, 8 are residential, and 2 are outpatient detox programs.1 The majority of these can be found in the southern and central portions of the state.

Depending on the magnitude of physical dependence, alcohol withdrawal syndrome may range from mild to physically dangerous. Symptoms may include irritability, anxiety, agitation, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, seizures and in rarer cases, delirium tremens.2

Alcohol withdrawal may be dangerous when done on your own; because of this, a supervised, medical detox center can help avoid unnecessary discomfort or life-threatening withdrawal complications. Detox is the process of getting substances out of your body and helping you manage acute withdrawal symptoms from alcohol.3 These types of programs provide individuals with onsite physicians and 24-hour care to help gain management over alcohol withdrawal symptoms.3

To find local detox facilities in Mississippi, search SAMHSA’s directory which can be found here.

Does My Insurance Cover Treatment in Mississippi?

Unfortunately, rehab can be quite costly. However, many insurance plans provide coverage for addiction treatment, and if you are planning to use your out-of-state insurance provider in Mississippi, it is important to know if your provider is accepted in the state and what it will cover.

Some of the most commonly accepted insurance providers in Mississippi include:

Why Choose AAC

American Addiction Centers (AAC) offers a nationwide network of facilities, an alumni support system, quality care, and a 90-day promise.

We’re committed to your recovery. When you invest and successfully complete 90 consecutive days at an American Addiction Centers facility, we believe that you have created the most solid foundation for your long-term goals of sobriety. In the event that you experience a relapse, you are welcome back for a complimentary 30 days of our treatment. This is our promise to you.

State-Funded Insurance (i.e. Medicaid)

There are plenty of facilities in Mississippi that accept Medicaid as a form of payment. As of 2017, 59 facilities allowed patients to pay with Medicaid.1 Medicaid is an insurance program managed by the state of Mississippi for individuals and families who cannot afford other types of coverage.

You can qualify for Medicaid if you meet specific income requirements or have children that need coverage. For example, if you’re the parent or caretaker of a child, you have to make $569 or less a month for a family size of 4 to receive Medicaid.4

Other Medicaid income rules use the federal poverty level to define whether or not your income is sufficiently low enough for coverage. For example, pregnant women can make up to 194% of the federal poverty level to receive Medicaid coverage.4  To know for sure if you qualify, your best course of action is to go to the Mississippi Division of Medicaid website to learn more about coverage qualifications.

If you do get full Medicaid health benefits, things like inpatient and outpatient hospital care and inpatient psychiatric care will be covered, but you’ll have to pay a predetermined rate for each service. For example, 1 session of group therapy costs $23.02, and you have a maximum of 40 covered group therapy sessions a year.5

Free Rehab in Mississippi

If you’re unable to afford private or state-funded programs, there are still a number of free or financially-assisted rehab clinics available to you within Mississippi. In some cases, these clinics may offer scholarships, other forms of free or discounted treatment, or sliding scales determined by the amount you’re able to pay.

Many faith-based rehabilitation programs are free of charge—such as Jews in Recovery and The Salvation Army—and do not require their patients to subscribe to any particular religious belief. If faith-based rehabilitation are not viable options for you, another way to seek help is by searching out local support groups in your area, most of which are free to attend.

A supportive community of like-minded, recovery-focused peers such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can play an important role in your journey. Although AA members are not required to subscribe to a particular faith, the steps involve the belief in the divine being. If this isn’t for you, other support groups are available with no religious affiliation such as:

Mississippi Packing List

Because of its balmy southern climate, Mississippi can present a challenge when packing for rehab. If you’re coming from a colder state, you’ll probably want to leave your heaviest winter coat behind, as temperatures average in the high 40s in the winter. Shorts and tank tops are a must in the summer, with average temperature in the low 80s.

You may want to consider packing:

  • Shorts, jeans, skirts, dresses and tank tops for warm weather.
  • Light sweater.
  • Warmer jacket for winter.
  • Tennis shoes, flip-flops and a pair of formal shoes.
  • Sunglasses, bathing suit, hat.
  • One set of formal attire for special events or outings.
  • Alcohol-free toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, sunscreen).

You may also wish to bring the following items:

  • Your driver’s license or state-issued ID card.
  • A list of medications you are currently taking.
  • Your insurance card.
  • Laundry detergent.
  • Special photos or mementos of family and friends, including names, phone numbers, and addresses to keep in touch while you are away.
  • A journal.

Mississippi-Specific Alcohol Stats

  • Alcohol involvement was reported in more than 37 % of all fatal pedalcyclist crashes in 2012.6
  • Alcohol-impaired fatalities accounted for 26% of the total number of fatalities in 2015.7
  • In 2016, drunk driving fatalities represented 18% of total traffic deaths in Mississippi.6
  • There were 148 alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in the state in 2017.8

Finding Alcohol Rehab in a Different State

If you or a loved one want to attend an alcohol rehab program outside of Mississippi, there are many different options in states around the nation.

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