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Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Oklahoma

Where Can I Find Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers in Oklahoma?

Alcoholism is a very difficult problem to struggle with alone, and it’s important to find help if you or somebody you know is struggling. Thankfully, there are professionals in your area who can help. 191 treatment centers in Oklahoma are there to help treat substance abuse, and 148 of them treat clients who are struggling only with alcoholism.1

Oklahoma cityWhen we look at those treatment facilities, 158 of them are outpatient, 45 are residential, and 9 are hospital inpatient facilities.1

Within the American Addiction Centers (AAC) network of treatment facilities, the nearest location is Greenhouse Treatment Center in Grand Prairie, Texas. The facility was built inside a former Neiman Marcus spa and offers indoor and outdoor pools, a complete fitness center, chef-curated meals, and a robust and tested wellness program.

At Greenhouse, a team of dedicated and passionate providers helps treat not only addiction but the co-occurring psychological problems that exacerbate addiction and make it more likely to be an issue. The facility has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as accreditation with CARF, making them a leader in the industry.

For more programs in the Oklahoma area, you can visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for a list of rehabilitation facilities to help, which you can find here.

Where Can I Find Medical Detox Centers in Oklahoma?

Among the Oklahoma substance abuse centers, 97 of them are non-profit, 47 are for-profit, and 47 local, state, federal, and tribal government facilities.1 Part of the reason it’s so helpful to work with a facility is the fact that, depending on your level of alcohol dependence, your reaction to alcohol withdrawal can be quite severe. Symptoms range from mild to life-threatening. Some symptoms include anxiety, agitation, high blood pressure, raised heart rate, seizures, and delirium tremens, and symptoms can be fatal.2

Experience withdrawals alone is a high medical risk. In a medical detox center, medical professionals offer supervision to make the process as comfortable as possible while maximizing your health and safety. This process of assisting your body with the symptoms and risks of alcohol withdrawal while your body processes and eliminates alcohol from your system is called medical detox.3 At all hours of the day, physicians are on-site to provide care and manage health.3

You can find detox facilities throughout Illinois by searching the SAMHSA directory here.

Does My Insurance Cover Treatment in Oklahoma?

Not all insurance plans will cover treatment in a substance abuse facility, but some will. You need to check with your provider to see what is covered and if that coverage extends out of state. Popular providers include:

Why Choose American Addiction Centers?

American Addiction Centers (AAC) is a nationwide network of substance abuse facilities. All are required to meet standards of quality care, offer an alumni support system, and include a 90-day promise. The 90-day promise ensures accountability by offering an extra 30 days of treatment to any patient if they relapse within 90 days of finishing treatment.

The AAC alumni support system offers continued support with fun gatherings and events. They also regularly check up on patients who have been in facilities in the past to see how their recovery is going and to offer continued support.

State-Funded Insurance (i.e. Medicaid)

In the U.S. there are 72 million people who use Medicaid, a federal government healthcare coverage program.4 The program serves low-income adults who need assistance with healthcare, their children, people with various disabilities, and the elderly. Even though Medicaid is a federal program, each state runs the program separately.4

Even if you have been turned down in the past, regardless of whether your circumstances are basically the same, you may be eligible in Oklahoma now. After the Affordable Care Act was passed, the rules of admission changed to be more inclusive of people with more income or assets. While not all facilities take Medicaid, there are 137 in Oklahoma that do, making up 71.7 percent of the facilities in the state.1

Check your eligibility here.

Oklahoma Alcohol Use Statistics

  • In 2017 there were 165 people killed in car crashes involving an alcohol-impaired driver in Oklahoma, or 25 percent of all motor vehicle fatalities in the state.5
  • Each month in the state there are about 707 episodes of binge drinking.6
  • Roughly 198 people in Oklahoma suffer from Alcohol Use Disorder each year.6
  • About 219 people in Oklahoma need a treatment facility at some point during the year but do not receive treatment.6

Finding Rehab for Alcohol in a Different State

If you or a loved one would prefer to attend an alcohol rehab facility outside of Oklahoma, there are many different options for rehab near you in states throughout the country.

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