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Alcohol Rehab for Women Only

It is estimated that more than five million American women drink alcohol in a manner that compromises their health and well-being. Heavy drinking can put women at risk for health problems such as cancer and heart disease, and it has also been linked to depression. Alcohol rehab for women is available for those who abuse alcohol or those who are alcoholics. Although women who are not physically dependent on alcohol may find that speaking with a healthcare provider about the problem is treatment enough, alcoholism treatment for women involves a variety of options ranging from ranches to holistic treatment centers.


Women who seek treatment for alcoholism must undergo a withdrawal and detoxification treatment before or while they go through therapy and other types of treatment to help them stay sober. The detoxification process and the post-detoxification period may involve medication, such as naltrexone, that reduces cravings and helps prevent relapse. However, some studies suggest that medication for alcoholism therapy affects women differently than men. Including other forms of therapy that specifically target women’s needs can help in the healing process.

Alcohol Rehab Ranches for Women

Women who have problems with interpersonal relationships are more likely to drink heavily. Stress can also affect a woman’s dependence on alcohol. Some women respond better to treatment when they can remove themselves from the stressors of everyday life. Ranches that provide treatment for women only offer a relaxed environment where women can surround themselves with like-minded individuals and address their addiction. Many ranches focus on changing attitudes and moving toward a more positive way of thinking. Some ranches are faith-based and offer religion as part of the healing process; others encourage interaction between patients as a means of working through the addiction and learning how to cope.

Holistic Alcoholism Treatment for Women

Holistic treatments for female alcoholics concentrate on finding a balance between a woman’s health, nutrition, psychology, and body and brain chemistry. Holistic treatment centers may provide private psychotherapy sessions in conjunction with medication to manage cravings and nutrition and fitness programs that promote health and wellness. These types of centers often emphasize finding positive ways to manage stress and may use yoga and massage therapy to relieve tension and influence chemical receptors in the brain.

Experiential Therapy

Conquering alcoholism involves making momentous changes that affect not only the alcoholic, but everyone in the alcoholic’s life. However, change is often intimidating, and the thought of modifying one’s life and routines can be daunting. Experiential therapy helps women confront their fears by providing challenges that require patients to break out of their comfort zones and realize that the limitations and boundaries they may have set for themselves can be surmounted. Some forms of experiential therapy involve working with animals to improve self-esteem and encourage patients to take advantage of the healing properties of nature. Experiential therapy gives women the opportunity to enjoy new experiences that give them something new on which to focus.

Multidisciplinary Approaches to Alcoholism Treatment for Women

Most alcohol rehab for women involves using various types of therapy to help alcoholics overcome their addiction. Women react differently than men when it comes to alcoholism and therapy, so a treatment center should address the needs of the patient and identify the importance of gender-specific therapy. A comprehensive approach to treating alcoholism may involve group or individual psychotherapy, detoxification programs, acupuncture, anger management treatment, yoga, or art therapy. Some alcohol rehab centers involve children or families in the patients’ therapy.

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